Process development

understanding your needs

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  • Prozessentwicklung


From start to finish, RI Herrmann makes the die-cast process seamless and efficient. We communicate closely with the client team, taking pains to reach the clearest possible understanding of issues such as quality definitions, component requirements and physical properties.






  • Prozessentwicklung
  • Prozessentwicklung

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Production concept

Castability testing is a vital element of the production concept. If tests identify critical, non-malleable or otherwise unfeasible areas, we present reasonable alternatives. Areas that require further processing are then determined, and the best treatment selected.

Mold concept

The mould concept has a significant impact on component quality. At this stage we determine parameters such as

  • the number of cavities
  • the size of the die-cast machine
  • cast channel and injection system
  • cut position
  • ventilation concept
  • die-casting mould temperature
  • machine parameters
  • flow characteristics of the particular alloy