TCG Anspruch

A fresh approach is the key to innovation.

Our customers appreciate this. So do we.

Innovative premium solutions and customer-oriented services are second nature to us and we build close relationships over the long term through delivering total satisfaction to our customers.

We achieve this by applying highly specialised knowledge from across the company and the use of innovative technology to every project we undertake a capability that has made us the preferred development partner of many of our customers.

RUPF ATG Casting is marked out by an atmosphere of trust. Our relationships are characterised by openness and mutual respect something we ensure is developed throughout our entire enterprise. We recognise that success begins and ends with our expertly trained and highly motivated employees.

Because of this, our production and service site in Bretten is able to match and exceed the qualitative standards set by our competitors and demanded by our customers worldwide.

Strong performance today forms the foundations for a dynamic future. Our passion for quality drives our hunger for innovation. Shareholder value is secured by sound financial management. And our commitment to achieving profitable, 10% year on year growth is inextricably linked to the best interests of our customers, employees and the environment.

Our guiding principle: Getting to the future first.